Capture April | Scrapbook & Journaling Prompts

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These prompts were designed to help you create fun and creative scrapbook pages by using the prompts as inspiration, or you can go deeper and use them as writing or journaling prompts. They are also fun to use as photography prompts.

Printable List of Capture March Prompts

1) What I Love Most About Spring

2) Rainy Day

3) Goals For The Month

4) Holiday Memories

5) I Love My Home Because …

6) I Love My Neighbourhood/Community/Town/Etc. Because …

7) Spring Cleaning To-Do List

8) My Guilty Pleasures

9) Books I’ve Read (Or Want To Read)

10) Shows / Movies I’ve Watched (Or Plan To Watch)

11) Stress In My Life

12) I Love To Eat / Drink

13) How Much Things Cost Today

14) Trends I Love

15) Trends I Hate

16) Daily Routine

17) Things I’ll Never Do

18) Things I Want To Do

19) Things I Should Do

20) My Favourite Places In The World

21) If I Could Get On A Plane Right Now, I Would Go To …

22) If I Could Have A Day With Anyone, It Would Be …

23) Things I’m Doing For Myself

24) Things I’m Doing For My Partner/Kids/Parents/Friends/Pets

25) I Want To Learn More About …

26) Right Now I’m So Inspired By …

27) I’m Planting (Flowers, Garden, Seeds)

28) My Hobbies & Interests

29) This Month I’m Excited / Looking Forward To …

30) This Month Has Me Feeling …

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