Capture May | Monthly Scrapbook & Journaling Prompts

These prompts were designed to help you create fun and creative scrapbook pages by using the prompts as inspiration, or you can go deeper and use them as writing or journaling prompts. They are also fun to use as photography prompts.


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1) You Can Quote Me

2) This Month I’m Going To …

3) Things That Annoy Me

4) Mom Always Said

5) A Story About My Mom

6) Words I Love

7) Words I Despise

8) My First Job

9) Mother’s Day

10) Making Plans For Summer

11) I Need To Organize / Clean

12) The Songs On My Soundtrack

13) Top Three Favourite Hobbies

14) Concerts I Want To Go To

15) Good Deeds To Do

16) My Best Friend

17) My Love Language

18) A Moment That Changed My Life

19) Biggest Victory

20) Things You Miss About Being A Kid

21) Five Words That Describe My Life Right Now

22) Simple Things That Made Your Day Great

23) The Beauty Of Nature

24) A Compliment

25) Made Me Smile

26) I Strongly Believe

27) History In The Making

28) In The News

29) What I Love About Myself

30) I’m Working On

31) Looking Forward To June

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