What is October Daily

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October Daily is a memory-keeping project where you will complete a album that showcases all the fun and special things that happen in your life during the month of October.

October Daily is such a fun project to capture all the fall and Halloween fun that happens during the month. Plus it’s a great way to get warmed up for December Daily.

How To Get Started

The first step in getting started with this project is to pick your album. One of the most common albums used is a 6 x 8. My favourite brands that carry this size of album are: Citrus Twist and Ali Edwards.

Once you’ve decided what size and type of album you are going to use, now it’s time to choose your theme, colour scheme and which product lines you are going to use. Below you’ll find some suggestions if you’re not sure where to find Fall and Halloween themed scrapbooking supplies.

It’s a great idea to come up with some kind of a plan for the month. Think of your Ocotber traditions; do you go to a pumpkin patch each year, love to get psl from Starbucks, shop for Halloween costumes, carve Jack-O-Lanterns or decorate your house. Do you have any plans, or family gatherings already on your calendar? Think about what you already know you’ll want to include in your album and write it down.

After you’ve come up with a tenative plan, then decide if you’d like to create a few foundation pages, how many and what you’d like the design to look like.

Foundation pages are pages that you make ahead of time, pages you know you want to include in your album from the planning stage. This is a great way to get a head start on your album, making the project a bit less daunting in the moment.

I hear so many people saying, “my life isn’t interesting enough to do a page everyday.”

Don’t fret. You can always create an October Occasionly album. I wrote in my post Beginners Guide to December Daily: “It’s about recording your life no matter how unexciting it is some days. Remember the simple things that give you small pleasures and document them. Sometimes the small things are what are the most special to us.”

Once October begins, you may not have time to complete a page everyday. Keeping track of your days in a notebook, or in a app on your phone. This will help you complete pages much easier later on.

Shamelss plug: I have created a planner specifcally for planning & Keeping track of your October Daily project. There are two versions available : Digital & Printable. You can check them out 👉 HERE

Ideas To Document In Your October Daily

  • Fall Decor: Indoor & Outdoor
  • Halloween: Indoor & Outdoor
  • Fall Leaves
  • Weather
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Pumpkins & Jack-O-Lanterns
  • Fall & Halloween Movies
  • TV Specials
  • Halloween Candy
  • Fun Pictures With Filters
  • Thanksgiving (Canada)
  • Family Fun & Activities
  • Favourite Fall Outfits & Footwear
  • Fall Desserts & Treats
  • Fall Comfort Foods
  • Favourite Drinks (like specialty coffee such as Pumpkin Spice Lattes)
  • What Your Day Looks Like
  • Costumes
  • Working On Your Album
  • 10 Things About The 10th Month

Product Recommendations

So many great Fall & Halloween-themed products are available that are perfect for October Daily. Here are a few companies that you may want to check out.

Products that I love!

The Luna collection by Prima Marketing. This is a beautiful collection; it’s not your traditional Halloween colours, but it’s still very spooky! This is the collection I’m using for my ablum this year.

These collections are perfect for a more traditonal Halloween style and colour scheme.

The Stamp Market also has some really fun Halloween products this year!


There are so many great paper crafters who make amazing October Daily albums.

  1. Serena Bee

Serena Bee is one of the most popular creators when it comes to October Daily.
She has an awesome Facebook group, website, and YouTube channel. Where she has many inspirational and informative posts about October Daily.

She also has a super cute digital collection that you should check out! Visit her shop, Papercakes 👉 here

2. Krystal Idunate

I love looking at Krystal’s work for inspiration for my October Daily album. Check out her blog, YouTube channel and social media for lots of inspiring ideas.

3. Traci Reed

I love Traci Reed’s style! I love to see all the awesome projects she creates. Visit her blog and Instagram for lots of great ideas!

Traci also has an amazing digital shop with the most amazing product lines.

There are so many amazing creator out there making beautiful, fun and super creative October Daily albums.

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